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Action Ratformer - Work in Progress, I could use feedback.

A topic by 716green created Nov 06, 2016 Views: 312 Replies: 2
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As I stated in the title, I want some feedback. I received feedback from one person on about 5 builds ago.

Right now, I am just about finished with the engine. I have the game controlling the way I'd like, and I have built a rudimentary tutorial level. I would really appreciate some feedback. I plan on making some difficult platforming with checkpoints and much much longer levels.

The premise of the game is that you play as a rat, who wants revenge on a vet that wasn't so nice to it.

The levels will progress from the cage (the starting level), to the bedroom, to the stairs, to the living room, to the kitchen, to the driveway, to a car (to hitch a ride), to the vets office, to the final boss battle- The Vet.

I've been working on this game for over a month (with a full time job and full time video game addiction). So I want to make sure I'm making something that people would want to play.

I'm open to any feedback, good or bad as long as it's constructive. I have considered bringing in outside parties to help me with art and music. I don't really like much if any of my game's art, but it is all original. I don't want to use any assets from OpenGameArt or anything like that.

So with that being said, if this game really peaks anyone's interest and you're interested in getting involved and having your name in the credits for creating some art work for the game. Let me know.

Press [R] to restart. Other than that, the tutorial will teach you how to play.

I've disabled menus, and there is no sound at all. It's a work in progress. I'm looking forward to getting some feedback.

Hey, will you be needing more music for this game? If so I would love to help out, you can check out my portfolio here

Hi sbeast. I am currently not able to check out your portfolio but I will at some point this weekend when I have some free time. I am still looking for someone to do music. I'll be in touch with you soon, thanks for the interest.