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Working on a Prop Hunt game for mobile. Need your awesome feedback!

A topic by Mou_G created Nov 02, 2016 Views: 206
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First of all, I would like to say hi to everyone since this is my first post. I'm Mou and I'm a gamer and a game designer. It's nice to be here.

I'm writing this post to get some feedback from the community on a prototype for a game I designed. This will help me validate whether I should move forward with this idea or not.

My friends and I really enjoyed different incarnations of the prop hunt games, from War Craft 3, to TF2 and Garry's Mod. We think this kind of game is fun and more people would enjoy it if it were designed in a small bite size way, with ease of access to the game (mobile application and browser),

The game we designed is a top-down 2D hide and seek game with set session duration, where:

1) A bunch of players assuming the role of "Props" are spawned in an environment (house, office, garden, etc...) where they can change their shape to any object in the environment and blend in the environment.

2) After a set time, players assuming the role of "Hunters" with guns that have limited ammo are spawned in the environment where they need to find the "Props" and shoot them.

3) Random collectibles that give "Hunters" special abilities will spawn randomly across the environment.

4) Random trophies that reward "Props" with points will appear randomly across the environment.

5) When a "Hunter" kills a "Prop", they steal their points and they get counted towards the Hunters Team.

6) When a "Prop" survives the whole session, their points get counted towards the Props Team.

We have more ideas that can give the game more depth, but for the time being, we decided to build an HTML5 prototype that allows only 1 Prop and 1 Hunter at a time, to test only the following:

1) Movement mechanics (Prop and Hunter)

2) Hiding Mechanic (Prop)

3) Shooting Mechanic (Hunter)

I would really appreciate it if you can visit this link (preferable through a mobile or a tablet) with a friend and play against each other for a couple of minutes, then answer the quick survey below.

Game Prototype Link:

Survey Link: