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[Unity] Struggling to find relevant/up to date 2D Turn Based RPG tutorials

A topic by Luc_Ienn created 77 days ago Views: 190
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Hello everyone, Unity devs in training here! While a 2D Turn Based RPG (like a Final Fantasy or Pokemon game) might not be the most IDEAL place to start as a first project, we're aware of what we are getting ourselves into (me and my significant other). 

Both of us have been scouring the internet for possible first places to start learning how to make 2D Turn Based RPG systems, but so far all the ones we've stumbled upon are either out of date or entirely unrelated to what we're looking for (you'd be surprised how many end up being more like a Zelda game instead of say, an FF4). Unity forums have been kinda useless when searching and reaching out, too, as we keep seeing people linking to asset store extensions or more Zelda-like tutorials or redirecting to RPGMaker (or they just...never got an answer from anyone in the end). If we have to end up making this from scratch,'ll be tough but that could just be how it is; but if anyone has a suggestion of where to start on stuff like menus and turn order, we would super appreciate that. 

We were previously using this tutorial; however, halfway through we began to notice a lot of problems with how they were doing things in unity, and it seemed like some stuff was more roundabout than it needed to be (and not to mention we kept landing into problems that weren't covered in the tutorial, which was a little frustrating). We found this tutorial, but we don't necessarily want to sign up for any online class websites if we can help it (though if that is what we need to do, that's fine too). 

TL;DR, We cant find great sources on how to program 2D Turn Based RPG combat systems in Unity, and while we'd prefer free sources (as most people probably do) if we have to start paying for something or just make it ourselves, then that's understandable and acceptable. Thanks for reading, and let us know if you have a suggestion! ^_^