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Linux color picker not working

A topic by ElLucioVpe created Nov 01, 2016 Views: 340 Replies: 4
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Hi, there!

First, let me tell you your program is amazing. I am not a professional developer yet your software it's so easy to use that I have found hours of fun making animations of my favourite characters. Sadly, lately I can't choose new colors when running Pixel Proof on latest elementaryOS, the native Color picker windows opens but every color comes as black. Is there something wrong with Pixel Proof or is it a bug on this distro?

Thanks in advance.


I would guess it's a bug in how the distro handles the common API for the color picker. There's a big change incoming that would avoid the problem in Pixel Proof. The next version has a built-in color picker that can grow with the needs of the rest of the program, launches faster, can be persistent, can pick transparency, can copy colors to the palette, etc. I'm not certain when I'll be able to release it, though, since I just started a new job and my schedule is very different now. Since you have an immediate need for it, I might try to wrap it up even if it is missing a couple of things.

Nah, don't worry. As I said, I'm not a professional game developer, I just bought this tool to mess with it so I don't have any hurry or immediate need. Since this is most likely a bug on the color API, I will file a bug on elementaryOS. Awesome to hear new features incoming though, but release them when you can and when you feel comfortable, no need to rush them.

Thanks for the fast reply!


Just a follow-up here. Version 0.5.1 has the new color picker implemented. Double-click on a palette entry to try it out.

Using Ubuntu 16.10 here. It's working beautifully now! Thank you so much <3!