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Sand: A Superfluous Game

An open world, base-building, adventure survival game with quirky humor and Llamas!​ · By Voided Pixels Studio


A topic by Lady Shadow created May 03, 2019 Views: 235 Replies: 2
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Heya, planning to play a lot of this game, so I will keep making suggestions as I go. For the time being, I suggest the addition of some tool tips on the items, so one can hover over each one and see what it is. Also, I personally have a hard time reading the dialogues, so, despite the fact that it's a pixelated game, I would change the font to something that's easier to read. So far so good though, I can't wait to explore the world you built, breed chickens and ride llamas! :) Cheers!


The font is something I've gotten complaints about. I guess I'll have to switch to a bigger one. Right now I have 4x4 font and a 5x5 font. What letters in particular are hard to read? I've played it a long time so I am used to them :)

Oh tool tips for sure are on the list. BTW I am thinking about making a chicken breeding overhaul.

It is kinda hard to read in general. My biggest issue was with Q to be honest with you. Oh, what are you planning on doing with the chicken breeding? Or is it a secret? Either way, I'm excited! If you need anyone to proof read your dialogues (since I notices a few typos and missing punctuation) I am available. :) Have a good day!