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need help with an error

A topic by omwro created Oct 31, 2016 Views: 329
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hey everybody. i found 1 week ago an error which is really anoying to fix. i tried on the unity forums but they didnt answer so maybe you guys know whats wrong with my code/game. first of all i made a game and did upload it. when i play the game it gives me this error:

blob: Uncaught abort(130) at Error

at jsStackTrace (blob:

at stackTrace (blob:

at abort (blob:

at nullFunc_iiii (blob:

at Array.b130 (blob:

at __ZN16VirtFuncInvoker1IP24ObjectU5BU5D_t3614634134bE6InvokeEjPvb [Invoke? VirtFuncInvoker1<bool*>(unsigned int, void*, bool)] (blob:</bool*>

at _MySqlConnectionStringBuilder_AddKeywordFromProperty_m3073566240 (blob:

at _MySqlConnectionStringBuilder_Initialize_m3878957688 (blob:

at Array._MySqlConnectionStringBuilder__cctor_m1042839471 (blob:

at Array.__Z31RuntimeInvoker_Void_t1841601450PK10MethodInfoPvPS2_ [RuntimeInvoker_Void_t1841601450?2(void**, undefined?S?*)] (blob:

i really dont know how to fix it and my last hope is asking you for a workable solution. i also tried to look to the logs it gives on the pages but its to big and i dont understand most of it. i hope you guys can help me and thanks in advance

EDIT: also a post in the Unity Forum for more info: