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A topic by Maxime Martyr created 45 days ago Views: 104
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Greetings! :-D

The dialogues are missing in the scenes replayed from the theater in the Bunny Mansion.

And you forgot in your spring cleaning to clean the mess caused by the change of Mary from Mom to Maid which generates inconsistencies and confusion in the game.

As I reported to you, since you originally made the game with Mary as Mom then changed her into Maid afterwards, this change of role has generated many inconsistencies in the game, so I thought you would want to clean this mess up to restore the game's consistency, and I am surprised that you didn't include this cleaning into your spring cleaning.

If I may, I would humbly suggest you to restore Mary as Mom as you made the game this way and remove the screen that you added which asks to the player what they want her to be to them as the game really doesn't care about the player's answer since you made everything with her as Mom in mind.

Please, just restore her original and sole true role, Mom, to get rid of the pack of inconsistencies added by the change of her role, because this change hasn't improved the experience, it gets in the way of it.