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1bit adventure game of cosmic horror inspired by the work of Junji Ito · By panstasz

Small screen

A topic by Sin-X created Apr 30, 2019 Views: 1,206 Replies: 4
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So i just got this game and for some reason i get a really small window when i run it with no option to go fullscreen. Anyone got any idea on how to fix that? 


Same issue here.


same problem here

found the problem, the resolution buttons are hard to find. They are next to the new story button, the numbers you see will set the screen size.

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When you load the game, hit Alt + ENTER. This should put it in fullscreen.

Also getting a very small screen on a high resolution monitor.

Right clicking the .exe > Properties > Compatibility > Change High DPI Settings > cecking High DPI Scaling Overide > selecting System.

Helped get the game big enough to click the resolution buttons in game, however the cursor may not be accurate.

If there was a full screen option that would be great!