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Absolutely stunning art and music, and beautiful story telling. You Left Me perfectly captures the surreal dream like quality when reality becomes hard to process. The only thing that could be improved would be if the clock and clickable text matched the rest of the game. It was quite pixelly for me, and I found it really distracting on what is an otherwise pretty polished experience.

Great music and sound design, if a little repetitive, I really enjoyed the general atmosphere. The samurai psychopomp thing is pretty rad, at least, that's how I interpreted it. With straight forward and simple gameplay, it definitely didn't outstay it's welcome and I'm curious to see what else you've cooked up.

Cute demo that reminds me of Mushishi and Princess Mononoke. Was a bit disappointed when I didn't see a full release, until I found it on steam. Looking forward to picking it up, really enjoying the atmosphere.

Great short story - though quite heavy. I found myself thrust into the shoes of a woman who felt like she should be happy and grateful for what she had, but instead was without any emotional support and surrounded by shitty toxic relationships with no way out and crumbling under the pressure of it all. Beautifully told.

Once again a great wee creation. Love the art and music and honestly wish the story was longer. Really interesting look into the relationship this woman has not only with her body, but with her mind and other people. Loved the concept of cutting bits out of herself and the way she was written to latch onto everything and cite patterns and paranoia was incredibly well executed. Great work.

Beautiful art and music, I found myself touched by the brief look into the lives of Sebastian and Gordon. Incredibly calming to arrange bouquets - I would love to see a lengthier game featuring these two.

Gorgeous wee game filled with intrigue and mystery.
I absolutely loved the art and design - incredibly moody and atmospheric with a great soundtrack that works well with the colour palette. Every time I scratched up a little more about the world it increased my thirst for more lore. Characters are all very interesting and the dialogue is beautifully macabre.
Only real issue is I bumped into an invisible wall (where the Imposter was) and if there were alternative ways to walk that would be fantastic as I found it quite janky (using a track pad on a laptop mind you). Overall really cool experience.

Fantastic wee game that oozes style. I mean look at that goatly-strut. Absolutely fantastic art and music, with some great wee character. I love this goat too damn much.

One of my absolute favourite games, next to Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines and Planescape: Torment, this game is an absolute work of art. Everything from the music (seriously, love this soundtrack), and visuals, to the gameplay, is fluid and flows incredibly well. Amazing story telling, I found myself falling a wee bit inlove with every character. The first time I finished it, tears on my cheeks, I restarted as I didn't feel quite ready to let go just yet. Fantastic game.

Probably my absolute favourite game I've discovered here. I keep recommending it to everyone I know.

Poignant, honest, and beautiful, I found myself utterly in love with each character and felt like I never wanted this delightfully monstrous journey to end. When it arrived, I started replaying it again to see what else I could learn. I have honestly never felt my gender so accurately represented before and have entirely changed my opinion on maggots.

Beautiful music and a short sobering experience that accurately conveys familiar feelings of empty hopelessness.

Fantastic wee game filled with mystery, atmosphere and great story telling. Absolutely loved how easy it was to pick up, learn, and play. Visually appealing, my favourite card to play was the Cat; a great nod to their many lives. Also absolutely loved the sacrifice I got to make. Beautiful work.

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When you load the game, hit Alt + ENTER. This should put it in fullscreen.

Also getting a very small screen on a high resolution monitor.

Right clicking the .exe > Properties > Compatibility > Change High DPI Settings > cecking High DPI Scaling Overide > selecting System.

Helped get the game big enough to click the resolution buttons in game, however the cursor may not be accurate.

If there was a full screen option that would be great!

Thanks so much! Worked for me.

I'm also getting this error when running wohgame 0d2018 hotfix2.exe - which was the only download option I had. Running on a Windows 10 Galaxy Book 12.