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Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

"Raise" your own perfect boyfriend in this visual novel-stat raiser. Will you fall in love or will you say goodbye? · By Signed and Sealed With a Kiss

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A topic by Signed and Sealed With a Kiss created Apr 30, 2019 Views: 5,588
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Game difficulties

Easy mode -- certain (but not all) bad endings are unattainable. Stats rise much more quickly than in the other modes. Recommended for those who only care about the story.

Normal mode -- all endings are attainable. Stats rise at the speed originally intended for the game to flow at. You may need to plan in advance to get a good ending. Recommended for most players.

Hard mode -- all endings are attainable. Stats rise at a slow rate and require planning in advance if you wish to unlock a good ending. Recommended for players who want a challenge and/or are achievement hunting.

Unlocking personalities

There are two requirements to unlock a personality's route.

  1. In the common route segment, you must select a corresponding career.
    1. "Were you lonely?" = Flirt job options
    2. "Are you staying out of trouble?" = Bad Boy job options
    3. "Are you feeling well?" = Prince job options
  2. Next, at the stat raising section, you must gradually raise the desired personality's corresponding stats. Each activity you perform in the stat raising section will show you an image of the personality it's intended for.
    1. Flirt: promiscuity (main stat), sexiness (secondary stat)
    2. Prince: appeal (main stat), intelligence (secondary stat)
    3. Bad boy: anger (main stat), attitude (secondary stat)

To get on the Base Boyfriend route, simply do not fulfill any main personality's requirements.

Good endings

There are three main requirements to unlock a personality’s good ending.

  1. Raise your Boyfriend’s affection level to at least 4. His expression on the stat raising screen will gradually change if you’re raising it properly.
  2. Maintain your Boyfriend’s key stats. You should balance raising his personality’s key stats with going to work.
  3. Don’t lose your job. If your performance levels fall too low, you’ll be fired.

* You will automatically lose your job if you are on the Base Boyfriend route; employment is not a requirement for his good ending. In the future, we will look into enabling employment for Base Boyfriend and perhaps removing the personality-lock on jobs.