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Don't Close Your Eyes

A topic by ShahroozAL created Apr 28, 2019 Views: 168
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You find yourself in a bed with a note from your past self telling you that you have amnesia. But there is something else. There are 6 doors in your room and a huge window to the outside. Two moons are shining in, giving your room a calming yet creepy mood. Your eyelids are getting heavy. It's like someone's forcing you to close your eyes. You feel helpless as sleep crawls under your skin. "It's okay, just go to sleep" you hear in your head as if someone's whispering it in your ear. But no one's there... Suddenly the light beside you goes out! As you look in the darkness of your room, you notice that one of the doors starts to open!

Thank you for showing so much love to the demo version. I hope you enjoy playing the full game :)