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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

Game wont go past loading

A topic by Daindan created Apr 24, 2019 Views: 128 Replies: 3
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I used winrar to unzip it and i try to launch but it crashes at first loading screen please help

Some questions to clarify your problem. Most of these are scavenged from these forums, so you might try searching through them to see if any are similar to yours.
Which version of the game are you running? What OS are you playing on?
Does the crash have an error message either from the command prompt that may start with game or in a notification from the OS? (The first line or 2 of either would probably be sufficient)

You might also check to see if your graphics drivers are up-to-date or what version of openGL your graphics card supports, probably have to check the manufacturer's website.

OS windows i would guess. im using the latest public from here and no crash message. i just launch it shows the loading i click once and it says it's not responding.

Ok, I have no idea what the problem could be without anything specific to investigate, maybe someone else will know. I'd recommend trying
It's not be as good as the local version, but it may let you try the game.