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My Legs Got Tubed

Your doctor just threw away your legs. Have fun! v1.6 out now! · By Unnerved Studios


A topic by puppygamer1994 created Apr 23, 2019 Views: 163
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Dear developer, i downloaded game from I can not minimize game with windows start button on keyboard. I can not set music or sounds off. Volume control is missing. Playstation 3 gamepad was not tested. Esc button does not close the game in main menu. Third train level is unplayable hard. Player hands are sometimes twitching. Intro movie have twitching hands of doctors. I can not set MSAA or FXAA or SSAA antialiasing. Please add physx particles. Please update game to directx12. Please add tesselation. When i go back from settings screen then screen blinks. Game is not translated to slovak. Right mouse button does not catch things. I can not break glass. Please add daynight cycle. Please add weather effects. Jesus say to eat him in church to have eternal life. God bless your work.