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Windows not updating?

A topic by fort447 created Oct 23, 2016 Views: 129
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This for anyone having a problem with Windows not updating.

Ok, In another thread I was having problems because Windows 7 wouldn't update. It just kept running the update, but not really doing anything. I Googled it, and this is a known problem. In July Microsoft put out a fix that could screw up your computer and not let boot up. I was faced with never updating a newly installed Windows 7, or taking the chance. I took the chance. It took over 12 hours to install the fix, I just let it "run" and left the computer on. When it finally installed I was able to down load and install all the updates, 98 of them. I am glad I stuck with it, read that you needed to let the fix run for 8-12 hrs when I downloaded the file. If anyone else is having this problem, download the fix and wait it out however long it takes to install. I thought it would never work, but it finally did install and solve the update problem.