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just dropping a comment

A topic by nivrad00 created Apr 22, 2019 Views: 45 Replies: 1
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just had a playthrough of the demo and i wanted to leave my thoughts!! the characters are adorable, of course... i think esmeralda is my favorite but i also adore marvenus and their quest for snacks. the battle mechanics especially impressed me, because i don't expect so much fun action out of an rpg. it's also a good thing i played sword ball like five times because i really needed that practice for the final battle LOL. i particularly liked the glitchy static effects too, and i'm glad you put in a light sensitivity option. stoked to get more of the story in future installments.

the orb puzzle was a bit buggy for me. at first i dropped them onto the pedestals incorrectly (i think i was too low) and then it wouldn't let me pick it back up (or anything else) unless i loaded a save. i think i also sequence broke the museum by finding the hidden passages too early?

looking forward to more great things from this game!!


ahhh thank you so much for the comment! im glad you had fun! ill admit i wasnt too sure of how well the action elements to the game have been coming out so far so its really nice to hear that you liked that.

also i was actually working on fixing that orb bug just yesterday LOL ill have an update fixing that and a few other things soon!