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Dragon Bros just got featured on Kickstarter!

A topic by spacelizardstudio created Oct 20, 2016 Views: 213
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Hi everyone!

After nearly a year of development of Dragon Bros, our budget left is practically zero.
The game has got a very solid core already in place and we are now working on adding contents and further improving certain game-play aspects. We are receiving a lot of positive feedback and some valuable suggestion that will really help the game shine. We would love to keep working on the project for as long as it needs, but our resources are very limited. We need your support to add all the extra contents we would love to include in Dragon Bros.

In particular, the money raised from the kickstarter campaign would be used to:

  • add levels to be able to include branching in the map,
  • increase the variety of enemies,
  • add special bonus level with different game play mechanics, inspired by classic retro games like Space Invaders, Arkanoid and Pang,
  • implement extra weapons with more unique shooting style,
  • implement extra boss fights.

If you enjoyed the demo here on, this is the chance to grab some cool rewards. You can support us here:

Many thanks,

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