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The Abyss

A topic by CFella created Oct 19, 2016 Views: 397 Replies: 1
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Hey there,

I just found out there is an unmapped dungeon called The Abyss. I fought my way to the first boss, Baal, and defeated it with no problems (except the position of the pentagrams when I kill the eyes of the baal) and when I thought it was finally over, the teleporter got me through more enemies and eventually the trolly boss Guacamole Dragon.


Is there a way to kill it? I mean... it is lvl 99, 99900 HP, 9999 Mana, hits for more than 900 damage and summons the skeletons or revenants (forgot their names). The salsa song keeps playing in my head while I drown in frustration wondering how to kill it (excessive drama intended). I even tried using the magic mushroom to see if my character gets high enough to figure out anything. Pretty funny though... hahahah

I was also wondering how to unlock the other modes, I only have unlocked the Normal and Arena modes.

I beat the Dragon with a max level Druid. Probably just used Fire Form for the resistances.

There's two more modes, each new one unlocks with the defeat of the Guacamole Dragon. Beating it on Normal unlocks Expert, which limits where you can save, makes you lose gold on fleeing, adds a hunger and sleep bar, and the biggest change - you only have 15 days to beat the main quest. Do that and that limitation is lifted, but the others remain.

Beat the Guacamole on THAT difficulty, and you unlock Wizard Mode, which is normal mode but you have ingame cheats at your disposal.