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Where is it?? I haven't found it. Maybe I could help exploring that

Hey there,

I just found out there is an unmapped dungeon called The Abyss. I fought my way to the first boss, Baal, and defeated it with no problems (except the position of the pentagrams when I kill the eyes of the baal) and when I thought it was finally over, the teleporter got me through more enemies and eventually the trolly boss Guacamole Dragon.


Is there a way to kill it? I mean... it is lvl 99, 99900 HP, 9999 Mana, hits for more than 900 damage and summons the skeletons or revenants (forgot their names). The salsa song keeps playing in my head while I drown in frustration wondering how to kill it (excessive drama intended). I even tried using the magic mushroom to see if my character gets high enough to figure out anything. Pretty funny though... hahahah

I was also wondering how to unlock the other modes, I only have unlocked the Normal and Arena modes.