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Far Blade

Far Blade 3d Pixelart Boss Rush Adventure · By bcubedlabs

Official Feed Back Thread Sticky

A topic by bcubedlabs created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 1,601 Replies: 35
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Cool looking game, I like the puzzles and the bosses! I have a few minor qualms- not sure if its just me, but the quid boss seems to have a ton of health. also, would be nice if there was a save from the pause menu. and I think it would be super cool to have some minor enemies around the world.

I love the aesthetic. Very retro and nostalgic for me. I unfortunately had to put this down out of frustration with the squid/octopus fight. It was overall a problem of hitboxes, consistency, and telegraphing. Here are my opinions as I like the direction a lot and hope it's still in development.

1st phase:
Had a lot of issues with the tentacles. It seems that the damage hitbox is active the entire animation, despite the fact that there's a clear moment when it swings, and it can hit you multiple times in one swing. This at first resulted in me seeing the windup animation, reacting and pressing the block button or dodge button, only to be hit anyway because the base of the tentacle was close enough to my character (when I need to be quite close to attack). Similarly on the attack where the tentacle spins around, the hitbox sometimes doesn't even seem to line up with where the tentacle is, resulting in me successfully blocking the swinging animation and releasing once tentacle has completely passed me to move and counterattack, only to be hit by an enormous disjointed hitbox. The dodge was also problematic, as it doesn't seem to have any invincibility frames, which aren't always necessary in a game, but combined with the weird hitboxes on the tentacles and the fact that it doesn't seem to move you faster than just walking (and has really finnicky controls when locked on). The prevailing strategy seems to be to just sit in block next to a tentacle until you see it exit the swinging animation, hit it twice, then sit in block again until it finally attacks again.

2nd phase:
I didn't actually have many problems with this one! The same tentacle hitbox problems exist of course but since they took fewer hits to destroy so I could kill them before taking damage once I knew the pattern.

3rd phase:
First off the rocks. a few people have mentioned some cool ways to improve the shadows and I'd like to input my own. The rocks in the ceiling dramatically obscure the players vision, so maybe the shadow growing effect mentioned before alongside maybe moving them faster higher and making them fall much faster (to compensate for moving them higher) would have the same timing without obscuring the players vision on the top half of the room. Its also a bit problematic that they spawn around the enemy's head. Since the head moves so fast, the prevailing strategy I found was to run to the center and wait to see what direction it goes and try to catch up to where it ends up so I can actually hit it, but it doesn't stay in place after the rocks finish falling, so timing is tight. This isn't THAT bad, as figuring out that strategy was fun, but the fact that rocks fell near & around the target made it into a waiting game, waiting for a pattern where it looked more or less safe to be standing next to the thing. This made this phase take quite some time to reliably complete without damage (and even then sometimes I got hit by a rock when there were none falling near me).

Since players will optimize the fun out of a game, the very low player health, the high enemy health per phase, having to start from the beginning every time, wonky hitboxes, a useless dodge, and having to redo the phases another time once completed made the whole bossfight more of a tedious trial than a careful one. Anyway its been like 50 days since there was an update but I really hope you're still working on this! All of the core of something great is there and I hope it gets built upon!

is this still being worked on?

its such a shame that this feels as if this has been abandoned with no word as to what is even happening

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