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Yellow Subs Machine

Yellow Subs Machine is the best researched and most customisable subtitles solution available for Unreal Engine 4. · By Gritfish

Can't access content

A topic by Klumz created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 58 Replies: 2
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Thank you so much for this plugin, however I can't seem to access anything in it?  I opened the YellowSubsMachine folder in-engine  (Blueprints, Example Map, etc.) but only get greeted with empty folders :(

I followed the video instructions as well, but nothing new pops up.

Is there a specific way of going about it? 

Nevermind, I'm just stupid. I thought I had the latest engine version, turns out I didn't. For future readers: the project's minimum engine version you need is 4.21 (which I thought was 4.20).


Ah glad you got it working! I'll update the page to show the minimum engine version.