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Amazing: The Hive

A topic by Immersive-Games created Mar 23, 2019 Views: 61
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Amazing: The Hive

You have been kidnapped and taken to a location, only known as The Hive. There have been reports that this is used to break people, prior to interrogation.

There have been no known survivors, only a smuggled secret recording of prior agents being mind tortured by the hugely impossible hive of connected rooms.

One piece of information exists, in the form of a scribbled note, saying one thing "to progress, you need to leave the hive, and then find a way back in".

Our spies have managed to smuggle in one of our portals to help you escape, at great cost. Its location cannot be confirmed.

This mission will test all your senses, even your sanity. We await you on the other side. Good Luck. 

A free demo of the game is included, so you can test this on your system.

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