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Pauper's Bride (And Gun)

Chekhov's Gun appears in the first act. Will it go off by the third act? · By neven

How to move, animate sprites on a static stage

A topic by trushoo created Mar 21, 2019 Views: 57 Replies: 6
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Love your work.

I like very much how the sprites change face orientation after talk with the main char.

How the windows opens, appears/dissapear sprites on stage,... all with NO movements from the main char. 

How you did that !!! ??

Thank you in advance !

Valencia (Spain)


Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game.

There's one main trick used in Pauper's Bride to give the illusion of an active, dynamic stage: slightly-tweaked copies of the level.

Let's take an example: in the first scene, when you walk up to your mother in the top-left, she appears to look up; what has happened is that the tile right in front of her is a door to another room, one in which her sprite is looking up.

Then, after your conversation with her, there's a knock at the door. This only happens once you step back (which you'll naturally end up doing) and enter ANOTHER door behind you, which then takes you to a copy of the room with the "knocking" lines.

This is how most of the changes are done—I have invisible doors that take you to a copy of the room with slight changes in it. It creates the illusion of a more active, animated environment.

I hope this helps!

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Sure !!! Thanks a lot !!!

invisible doors are like invisible sprites?  they are exits?

invisible doors are part of a hack ?

Did you use any hack in that game?


No hacks needed—you can place a door anywhere in Bitsy, and if it’s over a floor tile, it won’t look like anything in the game. 

Thanks ! 

Do you know how to open /close EXIT depending variable values?

Can i do something similar but with NO Invisible doors...

i know that variables can be used to change dialog text on sprites, but... can i do something more with them??


Hm, I actually haven't used variables at all! Sorry—I hope you can find an answer!

Thanks Neven. 

It's all about clone rooms with slightly changes in spritess (walls/no walls), items deployed on stage, etc... But always using invisible Doors as triggers.  The avatar need to move to an invisible door to trigger antes item deploy/gesture change/scene from antes avatar And any change in room. 

 Simple but effective.