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Thanks !

i only ask for the way you give Link the armor in a dialog. 

he doesn´t move. 

the shield appears and the dialog continues.

How can you change the room (to appears shield item)  without move the link avatar ?

thanks in advance !

Thanks !

Thanks Neven. 

It's all about clone rooms with slightly changes in spritess (walls/no walls), items deployed on stage, etc... But always using invisible Doors as triggers.  The avatar need to move to an invisible door to trigger antes item deploy/gesture change/scene from antes avatar And any change in room. 

 Simple but effective. 


how can i get the music ? Love it !

nice very nice work.

pls, which fornt did  you use on the metrodungeon page ?????  love this pixeled font. 

it´s a google font ? can i download from somewhere?

thanks in advance 

Thanks ! 

Do you know how to open /close EXIT depending variable values?

Can i do something similar but with NO Invisible doors...

i know that variables can be used to change dialog text on sprites, but... can i do something more with them??

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Sure !!! Thanks a lot !!!

invisible doors are like invisible sprites?  they are exits?

invisible doors are part of a hack ?

Did you use any hack in that game?

To activate the last chamber you move a sprite (maybe a plug) to a corner, then the chamber change to active (i can enter).

How you can change sprite states in the same room?

Sorry my english.

impresive !

how can i change sprites positions and design on the same stage ? 

How can appears new sprites on stage ? conditionals?

love this work !

how the main char can move sprite to activate the last chamber ???????

I´d like to do that !!! hacks?

Love your work.

I like very much how the sprites change face orientation after talk with the main char.

How the windows opens, appears/dissapear sprites on stage,... all with NO movements from the main char. 

How you did that !!! ??

Thank you in advance !

Valencia (Spain)