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Check the awesome new update of Cube OS !!

A topic by SpeedRider created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 145
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The new update contains many new cool features, You can see it on our store page :


-Cube OS will boot faster

-Added a new app called "Today Quote"

-Visual Improvements for "Tips & Help"

-Desk : Added the "Desk Player" allowing you to listen to your music in wav format while customizing your desk, Added InstaDeskShot (check Tips & Help), Now you can load your precedent session with the wallpaper and Avatar you set before they'll be Saved !, Bug Fixes, The application names under their icons are now more visible, some visual improvements

-Changed the Display Mode to Direct3D 9 : To add some effects to text and icons and you may notice smoother animations

-We revisited the design of Cube OS Store

-New tips added on Tips & Help

-Translated every text in Bloom Downloads from French to English

-Some little improvement in Bloom's graphics and fixed the zoom bug