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Design Help - Standing Offers

A topic by Syfro created 36 days ago Views: 253 Replies: 5
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Hi folks, given that there's a bunch of designers in this space of various levels of experience, this seems like an excellent place for people to seek feedback. I'm going to throw my hat in the ring first, if you have a game you're working on that you'd like someone else to look at, I'd be happy to look over it!

cross-posting because why not:

i would appreciate some critique on 'under heaven, underworld'. i really like the idea of generating currency to purchase fictional effects, and i'd like to be directed to other games that do similar things and how they balance things from a moment-to-moment basis. another issue i have is duel combat; i haven't playtested it but i'm hoping that it will be nice and fast. any other tips on language, tone, politics, etcetera would be appreciated.

open or private, i'm fine with whichever one you folks pick.


That's a big document! Let me read it over the next few days and get back to you.

I've started to read over it, and I really like the fantasy that's being established - modern wire-fu like this sounds great! I like the tone that's established, everything is laden with evocative language that helps to sustain the subject matter. I've got more thoughts but rather than bloat out this thread do you have a preferred means for direct conversation?

you can find me on twitter @king_crackers, or discord at kingcrackers#1379.

I'd be happy to read over any short games people have where they want some feedback. 

(How short is short? I don't really know until I start realizing that I'm skimming and skipping instead of reading.)