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Amazing: A House in Kansas

A topic by Immersive-Games created Mar 15, 2019 Views: 124 Replies: 1
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Amazing: A House In Kansas


We received a message that there is a tornado heading in your direction. There was not enough time for us to send in a team to extract you, or place a portal inside your home.

We have been fortunate to have a high altitude Base Jumper Ship in your area, with the technology to lock on to you. However the draw back is that they cannot gain a lock on you, whilst you are inside the building.

You must find a way to escape the building by whatever means open to you. There is not much time, the Base Jumper Ship cannot remain in the tornado for more than a few minutes, so you must be quick with your escape.

There is another problem….. when the building broke from its footings, the gas supply ruptured and should the remaining gas cloud be ignited by the small electrical power, being supplied by the generator in the basement….. well I am sure you understand the consequences. There is not much time!

Good luck...

A time preset Demo version will be released soon.... The Test of You

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