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Immersive-Games Human Pinball: Iceage release

A topic by Immersive-Games created Mar 13, 2019 Views: 112
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Immersive Games are proud to release Human Pinball: Iceage


Human Pinball : Ice Age


A lone survivor of an exploration craft that crash landed on a remote and desolate collection of passing meteors, that have entered the solar system, the home of man.

As a flight engineer, your mission is to retrieve the 3 coloured spheres and plant them into the right receptacles, somewhere on this frozen surface. We have no maps of the surface, so you will have to search for the spheres to begin your mission. Your flight suit will be sufficient for you to travel on the surface but it must not get wet! Stay away from any surface or underground fluids.

A previous expedition set up some rails to transport the spheres but have not been heard from for the past few years. If they are alive, make contact and complete the mission.

Care must be taken as the rails are designed for robots to navigate. Should you fall and get lost in the tangled nest of underground caves and gullies, you may not live to tell the tale.

Once all three spheres have been successfully recovered into their flight receptacles, a rescue beacon will be turned on and a rescue ship will be sent to recover the spheres and the escape portal energised. Good luck.

This is a skill game against the clock, a test of you....

Further updates will include a leaderboard (updates posted here and on the webpage)

This is the first in 5 more releases planned for the first half of 2019

There is a free demo time limited version, so you can test the game on your system. Feedback please if you encounter any issues, offering your system specs (windows users use Dxdiag, save the file and attach it to your post), screenshots showing errors.

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