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MeshSkinner (for Unity 3D)

A topic by Winterdust created Sep 27, 2016 Views: 270
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Ever wanted to bind a skeleton to a mesh during runtime in your game?

With MeshSkinner you can! Simply provide a GameObject containing one or more meshes and another GameObject containing your skeleton hierarcy and the needed SkinnedMeshRenderer component(s) are added.

+ Creation of fully working SkinnedMeshRenderers that affect the mesh depending on joint movement.
+ Automatic weights through heat, up to four influences per vertex (max in Unity).
+ Several methods that allows you to modify the end result, such as how "bendy" a joint should be (rubber effect).
+ You can paint weights manually if you want to.
+ Skin any mesh, not just humanoids (animals or objects work just fine).
+ Optimized to be very fast, despite all the calculations.
+ Supports multi-threading for most of its work.

If you want to have easy-to-use mod support in your game this is a great way to enable it!

Check it out: