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Heart of the Woods

A fantasy yuri visual novel about a love between two girls that transcends life and death. · By Studio Élan

Demo missing

A topic by Tulip created Mar 07, 2019 Views: 243 Replies: 1
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I got the full game without first playing the demo, to avoid spoilers. Having now finished the full game, I'm interested in going back to play the demo and see the demo-exclusive prologue and chibi sprites. However, the demo's download link seems to be missing; the only download offered under the "Download demo" header of the game's page is for the 18+ patch. This applies both when I'm logged into itch and when I view it from a logged-out tab, so I'm pretty sure it's equally missing for people who haven't already bought the main game, which seems like even more of a problem than its inaccessibility to me as someone who already has.

Agreed, this seems to be a clerical error. The demo is on Steam, but of course it would be nice if it was here as well.