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Idol Manager [Beta]

Idol Manager is a business sim about conquering the entertainment industry using any means you deem necessary. · By sadambober, Kuiper

Single and money problem.

A topic by lytel created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 310 Replies: 4
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Hello, i can't figure how to make a single, could you tell me the prerequisite ?

Also i sometime lose money but it's neither the end of the month or an activity pay (as far as i can tell), anyone have any idea ? 


First you need to unlock a genre, lyrics and choreography in the Research tab. Then, when creating a single, you need to input it's title; select genre, lyrics and choreography; and input how many CDs to produce (if it's not a digital only single).

You're paying salaries and rent once a week, not once a month, so it's probably that.

Thanks for your answer, 

I didn't think a choreography was necessary for a song, my bad. 

That's good to know.

Maybe you could include some basic information at the start of the game (nothing as big as a tutoriel)

Another question, is there a way to know how many contracts an idol possess at any moment ? If not, a right click which give the option to see an idol contracts information would be nice and a great help.


You can see all contracts if you click on your producer and click Contracts in the menu

Also, when you hover mouse over an idol, there should be a tooltip with some info, including the number of contracts. (you might need to right click to display a different type of tooltip)

And in the next update I’m planning to add idol profile pages, you’ll see her contracts there too


Thanks again for replying. 

I forgot about the producer.. 

Keep up the good work as they say ; the management show promise and the pixel-art is beautiful (more models to reflect characters arts and more animation to make the whole building more alive, would be great)