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Camera controls

A topic by Gnome Child created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 394 Replies: 5
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I would love to see a list of the camera control commands, also i believe i mustve hit some key to change the camera because suddenly my camera got all messed up and the controls changed.


I literally just added that to the game, if you click tooltips. See this video.

Otherwise there is a list in the launcher before you start the game.

Ok thanks!

Still part of what i said earlier hasnt been fixed. The controls start of being fine but after playing a while it starts using w and s for up and down, shift and control for forward and backwards, the right stick start rotating me vertically sideways instead of horisontally and all of these keep changing according to which direction im looking in the game.

I think I may have figured out the bug. I ran into a collector and my camera went sideways. I can not flip back up, so all the controls are sideways


I am pretty sure it's fixed in my development build now. The patch will be released early January.