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Tailor Tales

Romance hot guys and create your own clothes. · By Celianna

Didn't See Warning

A topic by LadySesshy created Mar 04, 2019 Views: 416 Replies: 4
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I didn't see the warning message in my inbox in time to back up all my saves. And I had no idea it would auto update the moment I loaded up Itch. So, now I can't load the game and if I've truly lost everything I'm afraid I won't be able to support this game anymore as paying for it. You should of wrote everything in one email. I get a lot of messages in my inbox so some things can be easily missed at first.


I really can't apologize enough. It was a careless mistake on my part, and even though I managed to fix my mistake within minutes of the update, the fact that doesn't support rollbacks in builds, meant the save file would get deleted, no matter what I did.

As compensation you will unlock all the routes (what is available so far), but you will have lost your own personal progress such as kind/fierce points as well as custom outfits. I understand if you do not wish to support anymore due to this mistake.

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I had some real nice outfits though. Though re-installing won't help it load up.

So that's what happened... XC  I was wondering what in the world happened to the progress I made in the game. At least I know that now so I can back up my saves as well.

Ya, I am so upset at losing everything that I lost the mood to even play the game. So I won't be able to get my mojo back for a long time if ever.