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Angel In The Dark- A Visual Novel Without Visuals

A topic by Philip Aldous created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 201
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Hi guys,

So, after about 6 months of work, my secret passion project is nearly complete. The final version of the game is coming in October, but for now, I've released a short demo version to check out what people think.

Angel In The Dark is a short game, with the demo taking roughly 20-30 minutes to play. It's a horror visual novel, with (hopefully) a fairly unique hook. The entire game is set in pitch blackness, so you can't see anything at all. Instead you have to rely on your ears, and the text on screen, as you try to make it out of a very dire situation.

The final version will be twice as long as this version, and feature 4 different endings. If you'd like, feel free to give it a try. I'm looking for as much feedback as possible before I release the final version.