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Hide HUD when flying (for use with goggles).

A topic by dePHY created Sep 23, 2016 Views: 355 Replies: 5
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Would be nice to be able to hide the on-screen HUD buttons when flying. Giving the maximum "feel" when using goggles :)


You can temporarily hide the on-screen HUD by pressing "v" on the keyboard. (It will come back as soon as you crash or reset etc.)

I'm thinking of maybe adding a more permanent hiding option later on.


I just bought the recharged version after buying the original.  The HUD button behavior is different, I would like the buttons to remain visible at all times.  This new trend toward hiding everything for "simplicity" and requiring more mouse clicks to access "hidden" menus is just not my preference, sorry.

Can you tell me how to make the buttons always visible?  Like the behavior in the original.  The original has the **option** to hide, why remove the choice from the recharged??

Thank you


As a developer it is hard to make everyone happy. I got a lot of requests to make the on-screen buttons automatically hide when flying, so I decided to implement that. I figured it wouldn't do much harm even to those who are using them, since they re-appear as soon as you move the mouse a little.

And even if the buttons are hidden you can still access the options by pressing the shortcuts on the keyboard.

(You can sort of get the buttons to be visible at all times when flying by pressing "v" after they have become hidden. They will automatically hide again when the scene is reloaded (after a crash for example), or when you move the mouse, so it's admittedly not very practical).

Thanks for your reply!

I do understand your situation, but in this case you **can** make everyone happy by making the hiding an **option**, even default it to hiding.

The code already exists in your original version, its no more work for you.

I just don't like this trend.  By your own statement more mouse or keyboard interaction is required, its nice to see what mode you are in, see what options you have.  I understand I might be in the minority but UIs are trending to become so simple they are not useful to explore the software without having to resort to memorizing what might be available.  Im a bit of a rebel here, sorry.

I bought your original freerider, actually paid a little more for it, and bought the recharged also, based on
the promise of the higher resolution graphics. 

Ill be in contact by email.

Thank you


Yes, I understand your viewpoint. And I agree with you - I personally also generally prefer when all options/buttons are easily seen at all times.

I also do a lot of thinking about UI design, one thing I want to avoid is getting the UI too cluttered, and avoid too many levels of options and sub-menus for the user to wade through.

I often get requests from people to have a certain option implemented, but I think very carefully about each one, to evaluate if it is important enough (to sufficient amount of people) to have the UI burdened with another option. Some things can also easily cause confusion. For example, if there was an option to permanently hide the UI, someone might accidentally activate it and not know how to get it back. And, on touchscreen only devices it is not possible to keep the UI hidden at all times. So the best compromise I found, suitable for most users, on most devices,  is the one I implemented.

I want the simulator to be as easy as possible to use, even for people who have never flown an FPV quadcopter in their life, who have never been close to doing a Betaflight setup for example. Still, I want it to be flexible enough for advanced users too, so that everyone can find good use for it regardless of their skill level. So, as you understand, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration here.

With all this said,  I might consider adding an option in the custom settings for "keep UI always on". Thank you for your feedback!