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Space Douche Warrior - Fast Paced FPS / Sci-Fi Comedy - RELEASED

A topic by Yez0 Games created Sep 16, 2016 Views: 824 Replies: 1
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Space Douche Warrior is RELEASED!

Annihilate space mutant flies with your pink duche! Otherwise you will never escape an infested facility.


  • use your duche while you still can!
  • fast-paced old school FPS gameplay
  • bright sci-fi environments
  • quick and nasty enemies

About the game

This is my first not-a-joke (I am joking) FREE shooter game called "Space Douche Warrior". I hope you will like it!

About Yez0 Games

Yez0 Games is a one-man game studio run by Yevgeni Zolotko. He started making games back in 2013 as a hobby. After many small (jam) games he managed to release a bigger FPS game called Space Douche Warriror, and looks forward to developing a full-length commercial game.

Ok, now this was a strange one. One thing for sure is that it's good for a laugh.

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