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good game

A topic by ^densch created Feb 21, 2019 Views: 1,025 Replies: 1
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This is a good game.
I am normally no big fn of endless runners but this one is really good.
only which that the upgrades were more practical or that there were more at once.
Cause 99% 9of the time the price for a starting booster is just not worth it, given that I have no idea how far I would go in a run (sometimes go really far, then die really fast after a few meters due to some dumb mistake)

also am currently stuck on the way to the 7th level, should search for some military base but can't find any :-/
Or am I just not getting far enough each run?
my farthest was like 700 meters so far.


Hello! Thanks for your comments. 

Military base is located between 850 and 900 meters, so I'm afraid you need to dig deep a bit more... Let us know if you finally get it :)