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Update 0.23: Batteries, base power, balancing stuff.

A topic by Cairn4 created Sep 14, 2016 Views: 269 Replies: 4
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Uploaded a new build last night. In this update, there's a new Battery module that you can build. This will let you store your extra solar power, which you'll need because Solar Panels no longer power stuff at night when it's dark out.

There is also a new little popup for seeing your base's power generation/consumption, accessible by clicking on either a Battery or Solar Panel. Going to try and art-it-up a bit more in the future so that it doesn't feel so bland, but at least it's functional for now.

The other changes, which I'd love to hear people's feedback on:

  • The overall day-night-cycle is now longer (~5 min instead of 2 min). With a greater percent of it being full-daylight, should give you more uninterrupted time to easily walk around and explore.
  • Air supply lasts longer: 200 sec instead of 120 sec.
  • Hunger lasts 80% longer before starving. Food also fills you up more.
  • Water can be consumed, restoring a small amount of hunger.

Think that's it, let me know what you think!

- Steve / @cairn4

Ooo im liking this. It now has a little more challange!

Water being hunger, cool idea but i still think it should be thirst.

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Also the name should be Planet survivors, if its not taken already.

for the name i recommend ' StellarBase '


Actully thats a pretty good name. Cairn4 should use that.