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Incredible... best indie title I've played in months

A topic by electricshrock created Feb 17, 2019 Views: 97
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I just chipped you $10 for your amazing efforts. Sorry about your Kickstarter but don't get discouraged.

If I may offer one small suggestion - maybe don't push the horror angle so much when marketing this game. The indie scene is overcrowded with horror titles. What set this apart for me (apart from the awesome graphic style) is what a brilliantly multi-layered mystery it is; The way it blends classic object and environment based problem-solving with a story to piece together, all feeding into a broader narrative arc that is only hinted at in this demo. There is always something intriguing around the corner, pushing you to find out more. The promise of all these themed supernatural dioramas to get into really whets my appetite, and the amusing exchanges with the Safe Room Guy along the way are a masterstroke... they not only add levity, but a deeper level still to the themes of the game, contemplating the nature of reality itself.

How to turn that into a money-making pitch? I don't know. But it strikes me as more compelling and unique than gore and jumpscares, and I'm sure I'm not alone there.