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Feature request : slow motion

A topic by flashjaysan created Feb 17, 2019 Views: 246 Replies: 6
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No need to say I love this tool. It's a little too fast to see precisely how each frame renders though. Would you consider adding a slow motion or a frame to frame feature? The second issue I have is when repeat is activated, the animation starts over right at the end of the previous one. Is there a way to insert a little pause at the end of the animation?


I'll see if its possible to allow frame-by-frame rendering in the live view, in the mean time you should be able to render the animation and then view each frame in the preview window that pops up.

For the pause, have you tried the delay option under the general section? Not sure if this is what you're looking for, let me know if it's something different you're after

Yes. I saw that in the preview window we could see the animation frame by frame. I just think it would be useful to check each frame before going to the rendering tab.

For the pause, the Delay option would do the exact opposite of what I want. ^^ Let me explain my idea a little more. For a specific effect, we need to control the precise moment it starts. This has no consequence when we use only one emitter but when we combine many, the timing is essential. So the Delay option is quite useful to control each emitter separately. What I'd really appreciate is to have an option to add empty frames at the end of the animation, so when repeating, I could see when the animation starts and when it ends. At the moment, when repeating, there is nearly no gap between the end of the current animation and the following one. It's a little confusing. You will tell me that I could disable repeat and start the animation by hand but it's really useful to keep tweaking while it's playing in loop. Anyway, those are just small details. I just thought you might like to know them.

Maybe using a keyboard shortcut for play selected and play all would help.


Okay, so when you have multiple emitters, you'd like to control exactly when each one starts when everything is rendered/played ?

Actually, the Delay option is enough to set each emitter starting time. But it doesn't work when looping is enabled.
My main concern is looping. What I expect about the looping is only to show me the animation repeatedly with the delay at the start and the fading of particles (if any) at then end. When I enable looping, I only see a permanent emission of particles seamlessly. This is not accurate with the settings I set. I don't know how to explain better than this. Sorry.


I understand what you mean now. I've had a quick look into it, but it turns out it's not as straight forward as I hoped, so I'll need more time to think of a good way to implement it without breaking anything else