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ParaNowhere(working title) Demo

A topic by Twichty created Sep 12, 2016 Views: 73
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So its been a while since i remade this game from a 2.5d game to a 2d nes-like and on top of that a few years on top of that,but i'm actually making some Strides in this little thing that started off as a hobby, i did every now and then and only slowly peeked my interest, to this grabbing my attention more and more and grew bigger ,the more i learned about Coding and Game Development the more i wanted to just keep working on this one thing . I currently don't have any games under my belt for the public but i hope to change that very soon.

as of today i have : pseduo depth , pseduo platformer , sprite order manager and a lot more! and i hope to start posting a lot more starting today! ( SORRY FOR THE HORRIBLE FRAME RATE , I HAVE A HORRIBLE COMPUTER)-which is a driving force for this game aside from it just being fun.

Thank you! -Jumbo"Twichty"