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War Cry

A topic by Mini Official created 92 days ago Views: 39
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This game is currently on sale for 90c: get it while it lasts!

Survive for as long as you can, gathering armour and resources, whilst being hailed with fire from hundreds of enemy bots, eager to get some extra kills.

Quickly swap between different tools and weapons, while being constantly on the hunt for some extra armour or ammo, collecting as much as you could possibly hold.

Have complete control over the amount of bots in your game and decide how you want to play the game!


  • Arrow keys / WASD - Movement
  • Joystick (Beta) / Mouse - Look
  • Shift - Sprint
  • E - Inventory
  • F - Interact (Enter / Exit / Use) 
  • C - Toggle Crawl / Crouch
  • V - Toggle Perspective
  • B - 3rd Person Angle
  • N - Toggle Scoreboard

Gameplay / Inspiration

This game was inspired by some hit titles such as Ravenfield, PUBG and Pixel Gun 3D. The game is a mix between all of the aspects of all 3 games in one. This was one of my first Unity FPS projects, therefore I used some assets along the way to help me out.

First, you choose the number of bots in your game, you can choose from 1 bot, all the way up to 500 bots, in one giant free for all battle. The player drops out of an aircraft (Using 'F') and lands in different areas of the map, collecting armour, food & water, swords & axes, gun and ammunition from buildings and throughout the map.

The game is completely offline and can be enjoyed on the go, without needing an internet connection. This game is great for long road trips, or when you just feel like messing around with a few bots in a free for all battle.