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Abandoned Matters - Unreal Engine 4 BETA1.0 Out

A topic by HKstudios created 71 days ago Views: 21
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Remember those tales, about the 3 little boys who murdered a man? It's because the 3 little boys were having fun pranking the man at the man's date with someone. Well, as you know that is not true. Sure the boys tried to trap him, but they did not murder him. He tried to murder them, but they did not care. It's all a pile of abandoned cares out there, or as you can say, Matters. You go outside in the middle of no where, and find the boy's houses. You start searching for clues in the houses, But none could be found. But, you went into the room with the basement, and start to have flashbacks. You remember the place! But don't remember what happened at it. But then, it hits you, 14 Years ago, you were abducted by those boys. Kidnapped, in that case. You were just a little, curious, boy. Only 9 years old, and you were trying to escape the house. Little did you know, those were not the boys that abducted you. It was an abducting robot, who has used human's skins to pretend to be them.