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The Saving Light

Wake up in a dark and lonely world with the only company of a child in search of her saving light. · By Mystic Lantern

Nice game, I made video of this!

A topic by Shienoful created Feb 12, 2019 Views: 126 Replies: 1
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I had hard time in this game, and before it (launching problems) but I managed play it throught. I really enjoyed the game and the art style was the thing why I picked this game up! This game has funny idea and great enemies, place looks incredible. Some cons/bugs below but SPOILERS. But thanks for nice game! :D


-When you are trying to touch the doll in the class room, last table has something blocking on, so it need to be specific angle to reach it

- I kept dying on in 3 rooms ( I know, I suck ) and I was bit frustrated about it and then I had to start at the door, far away. So annoying to walk from there.

- When I played this first time and I was stuck on painting room and I actived paintings, at the some point when I died 666 times it didn't anymore accept active anything, just opening door (I could'nt open that box either)



Thanks for playing and making a video of our game! Glad you had fun :) Again, sorry you had problems starting the game we will surely push an update as soon as possible to resolve the issue.