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A Step Back to Donations Sticky

A topic by Space Banana Studio created Sep 09, 2016 Views: 222
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Hello players!

After this short trial period of selling the game I realized, as I imagined, there's still work to do before trying to actually publish it. Since I want the most possible people to play my game and since we're now hitting 300 downloads (I'm really happy and proud of this result) I decided to take a step back and have a free donation system instead.

If you just wish to play and try the game you can download it for free.

If you wish to play it and support the development with a donation of 0.70$ I'll be happy to send you a free copy once we go to next step. You just need to hit me with a private message to claim your copy and I'll put your name into my free copies list. Of course I'll be thanking you for giving me the chance to buy me a Pepsi can during my dev days!

Take this post as definitive and, please, keep playing the game.

Also, important news for all the new players, the leaderboards are being checked and controlled everyday to limit the fake buggy times I still need to solve for real. If your time gets deleted because it was buggy short try again to beat the true first time!

Another set of three tracks will hopefully be released as soon as I can. I think I can handle a rate of 1 track per month and I still need some suggestions because as now I'm really out of ideas!

Thank you for supporting!