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Hello! Thanks, I appreciate the interest a lot.

I can't remember if you can build Linux from a Windows PC but I think you can, will need to check if everything would work well and maybe you could help me with that.

I'll try to upload a Linux build in the next few days, probably tomorrow already. If you step by this page again I'll be happy to hear from you whenever you try it.

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks man! I'm glad you appreciated your gift and thanks a lot for checking out in the first place.

Happy Holidays from your Santa!

Thank you man! Appreciated :) 

Thank you a lot! Really appreciated!

Thanks man! Glad you liked the concept :)

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Thank you for appreciating the graphics, I really did my best not being a modeler myself. Concerning the game mechanics, the comments when looking at items can help in finding out the right song, of course you may need a good knowledge of the music world but I think it's not that hard! About the last two things, I'm thinking of getting an in-game system to pick the songs so that you don't need to rely on your own drive..the last one though seems to be quite hard to solve. I wonder if gameplayers who play AudioSurf with their own songs have this problem..probably it is allowed only for non-monetizable videos.

Thank you again for posting and for the interest in the game, glad you tried it!

Thank you, glad you appreciated!

Hi again! What do you mean by "the ror file"? If you're talking about the music select issue of having your mouse locked at the center of the screen, that problem is now solved. Try to download again the game and you'll find selecting songs way easier!

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Yes, maybe a YouTube integration would be the ideal solution! Will need to work on that, thank you for the feedback. By the way, I just solved the mouse issue and figured out it was a simple solution, so the new build is now free from that problem!

Yeah, thanks for playing it anyway!

As for the mouse being locked, it's the main problem that I'm trying to solve at the moment, as Unity's cursor management is a bit weird. I could change the key to open the library to use E instead of the mouse click, but that would be weird too. So for now you need to use the keys, it's right.

About the second thing: yes, having the library inside the game would be way more accessible, but as you noticed it would be a big copyright problem, as I for sure couldn't have any kind of permissions.

To end this long enough reply, thank you again for the interest!

Thank you! It's early to sell it but I hope to get there someday!


To play the required record you indeed need to play the exact song the item is requesting. Hints are given in the phrases when looking at them. So you actually need to have that song on your computer, so that you can pick it up in the explorer! Yes, it's quite a strange mechanic, in fact I'm thinking to let the user pick any song by one specific artist for each item, instead of the exact song.

Let me know if you figured out some of the songs!

Thank you a lot! Glad you appreciated it!

Hello everyone!

We just released our new game, that's called Vinylove and it's an exploration/chillout short experience, designed around the concept that music can be a very powerful tool to keep memories alive and to live again moments back in time.

The game is in its first publishing phase, meaning that it will be free on this platform for a limited time (only if we manage to get it to paid platforms such as Steam or Humble Bundle). Otherwise, its place will always be here, free or paid. Anyways, the game is finished and completed (even if it's such a small experience), but we hope to gain some interest and maybe expand it to make it a great full-length emotional experience.

We hope that you'll find our game somehow interesting and entertaining and we hope you'll be wanting to play it!


Sorry for the delay, I'm not checking the game page so often lately! Anyway, about your problem:

I unfortunately can't try to execute the game directly on a Mac machine (not having one), so I would like you to try a couple of things before I try on someone's else Mac. First, try to make the game executable using the terminal. So, open it and navigate to the game folder, then write " chmod +x t a k e  y o u r  t i m e Alpha 0.5 (the exact name of the executable file you clicked on to open the game)". If you can't find the filename just type "chmod +x" while inside the folder.

Try again and please report if it works after that!

Thank you for downloading the game.

Hello everyone!

It's been over two months since my last update and a lot of things have been going on in the meantime but I'm finally happy to announce a new playable build, that's officially our Alpha 0.5 version of T a k e Y o u r T i m e.

(If you're asking why I've been absent all this time it's because I'm studying and preparing for my driving license exams! It's finally time to drive in real life too for me. I've passed the written test on March and I will do my driving test on 3rd of May, so please share some advice or experience if you want!)

Alright, so, what's up with this new update?

- I finally solved the "car steering to left" problem: I just needed to better align the wheels!

-I've added two new features that I wanted to add since the beginning:

1)You can now switch your camera to third person view, side view, up view and frontal view. This makes the game really a little bit more "the canonical racing game".

2)You can now choose what vehicle you want to use in your ride, using the menu. There currently are two cars: the default one (which is, I don't know, maybe a remake of the italian Panda?) and the Toyota Trueno AE86 from Initial D series (that I started to watch these days). I plan to add the DeLorean from Back To The Future and some other iconic car from movies or series or that kind of stuff.

It's really not a big update but I promise I'll have a new track for you as soon as the Alpha 0.6 is out, after my driving exam. I also plan to add some of my electronic music songs (Yes, I'm a musician too) to the game, so that you can tell me what you think of that stuff too.

I think we're good to go. Let's download and try this new amazing build!

Hello players!

I'm really happy to announce I'm finally able again to work on the game, after long months of computer and Windows issues and stuff. I did a backup of every project and I can be back working on T a k e y o u r t i m e レースゲーム.

I'm really happy we reached almost 1000 downloads and, most incredibly, we sold 4 copies with the donation system. I will personally give thanks to the 4 guys that bought the game and of course they'll have direct access to every new copy of the game and to the full game if it ever goes on Steam or whatever paid platform.

Bug solving to start

As you saw I uploaded a new file containing the Windows, Mac and Linux builds of the new version of the game (the alpha 0.4) that I just built after a minor but useful (I hope) bug solving: I had to wipe out a lot of scores and times because they were obviously fake and bugged, so I replaced the bug and finally tried to solve it. The problem should now be solved, but I'm waiting for your feedbacks to confirm it.

Also, I'll leave the old version online for still few days because I want to know from you if it's better to upload every new version packed on a single file or to upload for every platform separately, because of the different size of the files and you might like to download just the file you're interested in at a minor size. (180 MB vs 50 MB)

Alright, the update is finished, hope you'll keep downloading and playing the game.

See you at the next one and thank you again!

Hello players!

I know, it's been a long time since I last edited this page or published some update but it's finally time to let you know what's going on. In the last month I had a problem with my computer, and I'm waiting to do a backup of the game project files and install Windows again, since it broke after I changed some of the machine pieces!

This is why there wasn't any update in September and October. The other thing is that I really really need some new good ideas for the new tracks and songs, because it's been somehow a no-good-ideas period for me.

Anyway, I want to thank you all for playing the game, I'm really proud of the reviews on IndieGameStand and of all the few videos about the game on YouTube and I'm happy to say we've reached nearly 650 downloads and passed 2000 views! This is really something I never expected. Of course I want to personally thank the people that bought the game on the early alpha stage and remind them that every update is going to be sent to them as soon as it's ready and that they will get the finished version without having to pay again.

I think it's all for now, I'm looking for getting back developing on these weeks and I'm pretty sure I can say there's going to be some good update with three new tracks for Christmas time or even before. Let's just hope my new Windows installation goes fine so that I can get back and work on the game.

Thank you again and stay connected to hear about the game updates and news, always here on!

If you mean the menu song, The Big Maestro by Tassony, here it is:

Hello players!

After this short trial period of selling the game I realized, as I imagined, there's still work to do before trying to actually publish it. Since I want the most possible people to play my game and since we're now hitting 300 downloads (I'm really happy and proud of this result) I decided to take a step back and have a free donation system instead.

If you just wish to play and try the game you can download it for free.

If you wish to play it and support the development with a donation of 0.70$ I'll be happy to send you a free copy once we go to next step. You just need to hit me with a private message to claim your copy and I'll put your name into my free copies list. Of course I'll be thanking you for giving me the chance to buy me a Pepsi can during my dev days!

Take this post as definitive and, please, keep playing the game.

Also, important news for all the new players, the leaderboards are being checked and controlled everyday to limit the fake buggy times I still need to solve for real. If your time gets deleted because it was buggy short try again to beat the true first time!

Another set of three tracks will hopefully be released as soon as I can. I think I can handle a rate of 1 track per month and I still need some suggestions because as now I'm really out of ideas!

Thank you for supporting!

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Hello guys!

I'm very happy that a lot of you tried and played my game and I want to thank you all for the great feedback I had. I'm finally happy to announce that the game is going to the publishing phase, this means that from now on you'll only find on this page the demo version. To play the full version instead (which is still in Early Access and active development) you'll find the links to the stores that I'm going to add during the next days. Anyway, on the demo version you can still play and add times to the first track of the game (Night City).

To be super clear, every single dollar from your purchase will be spent on doing the game better and faster, since I really need someone to speed up the work of doing the tracks.

A short FAQ is following.

How much is it?

The game is and will ever (ever!) be 1$. This includes all the future updates. Prize drops on holidays and special events tho.

Will I ever be able to play the demo?

Yes, the demo isn't going to be limited, you'll always be able to try the game before actually buying it.

What stores?

I'm currently on my way to publishing on Indie Game Stand (really soon) and Steam (if I manage to pass the Greenlight, which is going to be hard!).

Thanking you for all the support, I hope you'll want to continue playing the updated game by just buying it or to keep recording your times on the demo version.

Last but not least, keep this page on your bookmarks since updates and everything will be always here and on the Greenlight Concept page. This is not changing.

Thank you!


EDIT: GAME GOES BACK FREE OR DONATION! See the new sticky topic for more info!

Hey guys!

It's been long since I updated this page with the latest news but it's finally time for some other update!

The Main Menu

I finally added this rudimentary Main Menu to help you navigate trought the levels, to view the credits page and finally to exit the game without having to ALT+F4 it.

Another Track

We finally have a third track, the Palmy Sunrise, in which you'll have the pleasure to ride in a palmy seaside city with a sunrise setting. The track is still in testing phase and textures, lighting and objects may change and improve before the final release (they probably will).


In the track where there's a jump between road pieces there's now a little aesthetic slow-mo effect.

Bug Fixes

I managed to find some bugs and to fix them (including the mouse that now disappears once you inserted your name, the insane times someone made on the tracks and some other minor ones).

Alright I think it's all for now, see you at the next update!! And thanks for all the support in making the game better by even just downloading it and giving it a chance. Thank you!

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Thank you man!

You did a really great time, and I just updated the game with a leaderboard. Can you beat my time?

EDIT: About the falling in the pink sky..ehy, it's part of the A E S T H E T I C S...okay no, let me fix that!