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Story-driven sci-fi fantasy shooter with procedural missions, deep weapon customization and action/adventure elements · By Ponywolf, MutatedScott

Mouse pointer is uncontrollable in the workbench

A topic by Mootzilla created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 64 Replies: 4
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I'm trying to edit weapons, and it's  impossible because my pointer just moves to the top left of the screen by itself with no input from me so I can't even click on anything to cancel, and have to ALT+F4 to exit


You can also control the mouse pointer in the weapons workbench with the joystick... Do you have a joystick plugged in that might be active? It feels like this could be the culprit. The mouse works everywhere else right?

If not, I'm sure I can put in an option to ignore all joystick input. In the mean time, happy to refund your purchase until we figure it out.

yeah in game the mouse works fine, it's just the workbench screen where it acts weird

I have an xbox one wireless dongle and a wacom tablet plugged in, I don't think I have anything else that would mess with the input in this way

it looks like my tablet was interfering with things, as long as I don't have it plugged in the mouse works fine for the workbench screen so mystery solved I guess lol


Good to know... I think there's tablet or two around the office, I'll try one out and see if I can reproduce. Glad we got it figured out.