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games redone?

A topic by plaidmordigan1980 created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 326 Replies: 5
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after I download a reworked game from the community It says improper format. Please help

Which game/3DN, and what was the date of the release of that 3DN in the repository.

Wwhat point does it say "Improper Format"? When you try to save the 3DN, or when you try to load the re-saved 3DN?

Also, which version release are you using?

This is possibly an issue I was worried might happen earlier, but did not want to bring up until it ever became a problem. I suspect you're trying to edit an older 3DN file that was created with an earlier version and it's not playing well with a more recent update of the emulator.

3DN format stays unchanged between versions.

i cant seem to download from the community archive is when. I got lucky with the legacy of the wizard but any newer ones no luck

just figured it out i had a emulatpr program defaulting the download and causing an error. I had to remove it

Oh, I see. I misunderstood your question. I thought the 3DN might have issues because of something that happened with another user and Castlevania before.