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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Program does not start after settings are changed

A topic by Junky created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 513 Replies: 5
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I changed the settings and resolution of the game and it crashed and will not start again. Where does the game save it's settings so I can reset them?

I already tried unpacking the game again and deleted the folder and unpacked again. I'm running windows 10 with a resolution of 3200x1800


Heya Junky -- good question! I've asked one of our engineers to look at this post and answer your question. Uninstalling and reinstalling the game should have fixed it. The next thing I would try would be changing your display resolution to maybe 1920x1080 or 1600x900; in theory, that shouldn't be necessary, of course, but maybe it will get things working for you again. Failing that, we should hopefully have an answer for you by sometime tomorrow.


There should be "Config" directory inside the "Saved" folder that gets created when running the game (i.e. AvenColony/Saved/Config). Deleting that "Config" folder should solve the problem!

setting the resolution to 1080p did start the game again. Now windows is back to 3200 and when I start AC the resolution changes to 1080, I did not play yet because I still haven't got time.

It works, but on my laptop (i7 + intel HD4400) it does not run smoothly (at lowest settings). It was worth a try. When there are updates I will keep trying, For nou, I'll use my main machine!

The game is fairly graphically intensive. I'd be surprised if it was playable on an Intel card unless it was an Iris.