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walkthrough Locked

A topic by ArisaLilac created Sep 05, 2016 Views: 3,412 Replies: 2
This topic was locked by Stanza Creative Circle Oct 01, 2016
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Can u post a walkthrough because i always get the mildly disappointed ending:/


Hello there ArisaLilac!

Yes the game can't show you the other endings in this version ;_; I fixed it after the jam ended, but editing it now is against the rules!

about 7 days are left for the voting period, i will update with the working version once that is over :D

but generally, you get the other endings by making reckless choices!

after you've finished the first play through, click on "new game" again and the game will change noticeably.

in the next update, you will be able to see the second and third (last) play through :D

Stay tuned!


The finished game is now up and running, this thread will be locked since the beta version of the game is no longer available ^^

thank you for reading!