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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

My suggestions for this game

A topic by monkeyminer1925 created Feb 03, 2019 Views: 75 Replies: 2
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it would be cool to see;
1. pipes for transfering liquid like milk and water
2. A full power system like steam engines, fuel burners, nuclear reactors, ect with eletric pylons like factorio
3. A bot charging station for the middle tier of bots. a cool way of doing this is you have to make a charging station upgrade with the cords of the charging station on it and you give it to the bot then if it goes below 15% charge it will stop what its doing drop everything and run over there and charge if it has engine power made from the generators
4. Tools that need power. I was thinking like electric vehicles, chainsaws that you need fuel to use but are 3x quicker than any other tool, ect
5.  Going of the power system agin i think beacons and the worker assembler should have powered versions of them where there better (increased range/ cheaper to make) but they need to allways have power and if they run out they turn off .
6. A Mass storage where it is its own building (quite big maybe 7x7) with its own bots that are different than any others (that you as a player cant interact with) where it will "connect with any storage in a 50x50 area and you can request items and how many you want from a computer and the front and bots will run out and get the item and come back (maybe with the storage carts in the new update as storage wont be connect across map anymore).Then when the bots get back they will put the items in a storage container in front of you
7 .going with 6 a upgrade for the player where it is a wirless version where you can request items and they will be put into the mass sorage building storage for you to go and collect ready for when you get there.
8.bigger maps with biomes and resources specific to them biomes and cant be found anywhere else


Some nice ideas! We've actually done/doing some of those so that fits well with us :)

Damn didn't expect a reply but I'm glad you think the ideas are good